Stockholm Arlanda

The largest international airport in Sweden

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest international airport in Sweden and the third largest airport in the Nordic countries. It is an important hub in Stockholm as well as in the Nordic region, connecting Stockholm with more than 160 destinations worldwide. During 2013, more than 20 million people travelled to or from the airport, out of which 15 million travelled internationally. More than 200,000 take-offs and landings took place during the year. 

The airport began to take form in 1952 and Runway 1, the main runway, was opened in 1959. At this point, the airport was used for regular flights. The international flights were moved from Bromma Airport to Stockholm Arlanda Airport in 1962. In 1976, all international flights, both regular and charter, were moved to the newly opened Terminal 5. Terminal 4 was inaugurated in 1983 and SAS’s domestic flights as well as Linjeflyg were moved there. However, the terminal was too small from the beginning and Terminal 2 was inaugurated in 1990. During the 1990’s, air traffic experienced a distinct increase and construction took place for Runway 3 as well as a new air traffic control tower and a new terminal. Today, the airport consists of approximately 2,500 hectares of land comprising three runways, four terminals (Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5) and several other facilities. Terminal 2 and 5 are used for international flights, while Terminal 3 and 4 are used for domestic flights. Terminal 5 is the largest of the four terminals.

Over 85 airlines fly from Stockholm Arlanda Airport: 65 airlines fly international routes, 5 airlines fly both international and domestic routes, 7 airlines fly only domestic routes and 10 airlines fly cargo and mail. A total of 146,000 tonnes of cargo are transported through the airport in a year. The airport connects to 163 destinations: 135 international destinations and 28 destinations within Sweden.

At the airport there are 50 shops, 42 restaurants and cafes as well as 14 exchange offices and 15 other service establishments. There are a total of 21,000 parking spaces and 16,000 employees. Also, there are five hotels in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is located in the municipality of Sigtuna, approximately 37 kilometres north of Stockholm. In the Stockholm region, Arlanda is an important hub with good connections by bus lines, commuter trains, long-distance trains and high-speed trains (Arlanda Express). Moreover, the airport is directly connected to the E4 motorway. connected to the E4 motorway.