Gothenburg Landvetter

Second largest international airport

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport is the main airport of western Sweden and the second largest international airport in the country. The airport connects Gothenburg with approximately 90 destinations around the world.  During 2013, more than 5 million people travelled to or from the airport, out of which 3.7 million travelled internationally. A total of approximately  0,000 take-offs and landings took place during the year.

The airport was inaugurated in October 1977. Construction started in 1972, in order to replace Torslanda Airport which had too small capacity for the air traffic demand.  During the last three decades the airport has been extended several times. During the 1980s, a car park was established as well as a regional flight terminal. The Landvetter Airport hotel opened in 1987. The departure hall was rebuilt during the 2000s and the arrival hall was rebuilt in 2008. Today, the airport has one runway and one passenger terminal with 20 gates and approximately  40 aircraft parking spaces.

There are 31 airlines that fly from Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, whereof approximately 10 fly charter. A total of more than  0,000 tonnes of cargo pass through the airport each year. The airport connects to 90 destinations: 68 international destinations and 22 domestic destinations. The operating airlines cover destinations on three continents and in more than 20 countries.

There are several shops, cafés and restaurants at the airport. There are also conference facilities with a total of six rooms accommodating 4-70 people. There are 10,000 parking spaces and about 3,500 airport-based employees. Landvetter Airport  hotel is the only hotel at the airport site.

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport is located in the municipality of   Härryda, approximately 2 kilometres east of Gothenburg.  It is located close to the Gothenburg  harbour, which is the largest harbour in Sweden, and is close to both Denmark and Norway. The airport has good road connections via Swedish national road 27/40. Airport shuttle buses depart from Gothenburg every twenty minutes.